The story began in April 2019 with one single crazy idea...

...and now, after numerous hours of tireless efforts and multiple experimentations with interesting ingredients and flavor combinations, that vision was turned into reality and "Hamer's Gin" finally saw the light of day!

Well aware that everyone's taste is different, not only one, but three unique bottles packed with different flavors make sure that there's something for every mood and liking.

What makes our "Classic" gin so unparalleled is the delicately dry aroma of the juniper berry which is wonderfully accentuated by the bloomy taste of the lavender, the freshness of the coriander and the tanginess of the anise.

As the name implies, our multifarious zesty "Citrus flavored" gin contains an invigorating blend of citrus notes such as kaffir limes, lemongrass and lemon balm as well as spicier botanicals like cardamom and ginger, giving this concoction that certain something.

Our "Orange flavored " gin is characterized by the fresh and fruity mixture of oranges and finely evolving aromatic notes of hibiscus. The subtle bitter touch of the zests is perfectly rounded off by the fruityness of the orange blossoms and the sweetness of the hibiscus flowers.

The Hamer's "Summer Edition" born in 2020. The classic taste of Hamer's, perfectly balances with selected summery botanicals, ranging from flowers to fruits. Delicious rasberries, tasty gooseberries and the floral aroma of lavender, bottled in one unique experience.

Longing for that unique, fantastic & sunny vacation feeling? We bring you that exotic touch straight to your home, with our Hamer's "Tropical Edition"! A tropical combination of noble botanicals, refreshing cucumber & the taste of fruity pineapple, followed by a floral note of rose.

Anne-Catherine & Yves HAMER